What We Do

We organise events that are effective enough to bring a change in the person and the society. Events that not only work for the individual good but also contribute their fare share in making and developing the nation.

Corporate Events

We organise corporate seminars which involves guiding the budding businessmen and entrepreneurs and teaching them the importance of team work, leadership etc. Our events are conducted by professionals and they not only explain the individuals the importance of such values but also help in the execution of a successful business. One such event organised by us is called, “Leadership Funnel” that helps in making the business competent in order to succeed in the competitive market.

Motivational Events

We also organise motivational events for leaders and young businessmen who are aspiring to grow big. We have collaborations with motivational speakers like Mr Vivek Bindra who have worked in the same field and are experts in guiding and motivating people. We live in an era of intense competition and sometimes, motivation is the need of the hour. Hence, our motivational events work wonders with entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Musical Concerts

In addition to all, we organise musical concerts that become the sensation of the city! Who doesn’t need some amount of entertainment and a feel good factor in their lives? Such events make our audiences rock and roll and makes them forget their busy life to take a small break and enjoy their night!

Ontoes Events

We are a 360 degree event organising agency that believes in the satisfaction and content of our customers. Driven by the core values of retaining Quality and earning respectability in the market through a continuous strive for sustainability; On Toes Events & Entertainment understands the current need and provides the solutions accordingly.

On Toes, an exponentially evolving event organising company in Surat which provides best in class services for planning and organising events of mainly corporate and motivational natures to establish ourselves as the premier brand in event organising. With us you can be sure of commitments being met and on time delivery of all services. We would rather promise and over deliver to ensure your satisfaction.

We have a committed team force that incorporates socially and environmentally responsible decision making, planning and organizing an event. We will make sure the planning process is completely stress-free and exceeds your expectations, leaving you and the audience with the happiest of experiences.